PUBG Mobile APK Latest Version Download 1.5 to 1.6


PUBG Mobile Global 1.6.0 APK Download

PUBG Mobile Global 1.6.0 APK Download

PUBG Mobile APK Latest Version Download 1.5: So here we have arranged to get the latest version of PUBG Mobile with new experiences. It is downloaded for the phone as well as tablet and also allows you to play without VPN and with a Lag-Free experience. In the latest version, 1.6 players will be experiencing lots of latest features such as Auto Jump, New vehicles, etc.

PUBG is restricted in some countries like India, but still millions of players use it with the help of VPNs. But here we provide an Apk file that works perfectly without any VPN and is officially released by the PUBG. The good thing about this new version is you don’t need to use any VPN.

The game is still banned in India. The company trying its best to come back and that’s why their name is also changed. According to leaked the new name of PUBG Mobile is Battlegrounds Mobile India and soon it will be available for pre-registration in the google play store and the players will be able to download it.

How To Update PUBG Mobile V1.6.0?

If Don’t get the Update on Play Store, You have to Download it from Websites Especially in India. Follow this step in order to Update your PUBG Mobile Game to the latest version.

Note: Make sure you have a high-speed internet connection (WiFi Recommended)

  • if installation Failed then Uninstall the old version of PUBG installed
  • Download by clicking on the below buttons
  • Install & Log In with your social accounts

Download PUBG Mobile Latest APK File

Note: If you are downloading it from another website, then you must have to use VPN to download the resource packs and Maps. But if you are following our YouTube channel Creative Pavan, then might be knowing that we provide only the working PUBG APK that doesn’t require any VPN.

Size1.05 GB
Last UpdatedOct 2021

                                             Download Now 1.6 APK

How To Install PUBG Mobile 1.5.0 Update?

Once You have followed all the above steps and successfully downloaded the new version, its time to install.

  1. Firstly Click on the download APK file and proceed to install (it will take a few minutes).
  2. After Completing the Installation process, Open The Game.
  3. Now Connect with a VPN (Use NordVPN Mod APK).
  4. Download all Resource Packs and Maps.
  5. Then Re-open the game without a VPN.
  6. In 99% of cases, there won’t be any Errors


Run game -> Go to lobby -> Select the mode type (Solo, Duo, Squad) -> Click Play -> Once the matching is complete, you will automatically enter a game

What are modes?
1) Solo: Fight against 99 other players to become the last one standing.
2) Duo: Group up with a friend or someone random as a team of two to fight against other Duos and become the last duo or one standing.
3) Squad: Group up with up to three other friends or someone random. The team can be as big as a group of four. Fight against other squads to become the last squad or one standing. 

FPP (First Person Perspective): Playing the game in the eyes of the character. It is not possible to switch to Third Person mode from this game mode.

TPP (Third Person Perspective): Playing the game from behind the character allows you to see the whole character. It is possible to change to the first-person perspective by pressing V


Is it available in India?

According to the leaks, it will launch as a new game in India but not 100% sure.

Does it require VPN to play?

It requires VPN only to for the first time to download the resource packs and maps. Once it is successfully downloaded you don’t need to use the VPN anymore.

Is it the latest version?

Yes, we provide only the latest version and the current version is 1.6.0.

What is the release date of PUBG C1S2?

According to the official reports, it is going to launch in Oct 2021.

I hope this article is useful for you to download and install the latest version of PUBG Mobile APK, with Super Season 1 update. where lots of new and interesting things have been updated. If this article is useful then share it with all the PUBG lovers. There are more things to come in upcoming updates so make sure to bookmark this page. PUBG Mobile 1.5.0 32bit and 64bit are also available for the computer and emulator players so make sure to update if you haven’t updated with the latest version.