Ranked Mode Update In PUBG 2021

 Ranked Mode Update In PUBG 2021

Ranked Mode Update In PUBG 2021

We've refreshed Ranked Mode punishments in PUBG to take into account a specific measure of safe time if your group is never full-fledged. Look at every one of the subtleties around the framework and how it functions underneath. 

Leaver punishments ought to be postponed for players who are as yet ALIVE and leave inside 5 minutes after the plane takes off if the player: 

(1) decides for matchmaking to discover them partners AND 

(2) the plane takes off with a deficient (group of under 4 players in Ranked crew mode), AND 

(3) an individual from the player's premade group hasn't left the match before the plane departs. 

In the event that a player fits the bill to have their leaver punishment postponed by leaving the match, then, at that point, the match is viewed as seriously invalid for that player. This implies: 

No details are recorded on their Career page 

No change is made to their RP 

No matchmaking punishments are given 

Players will be allowed any Pass XP and BP they would have procured as typical.